About Us

Verxil Inc. is an organization incorporated and based in Toronto, Canada. Verxil’s goal is to provide an online marketplace where students & local businesses can create their own personalized store to sell any first/second hand product/service. Although the platform mainly targets students, it also enables local businesses (with or without online presence) to sell their products to a wider market. Verxil’s unique platform is tailored to make the user’s experience as close as possible to a face to face meeting. The platform provides a chat section where both the seller and the buyer can interact and negotiate on the price or the state of the item etc.

Furthermore, Verxil is also a job search engine (Verxil Career) and a financially literacy platform (Verxil Learning) that’s catered toward students. It not only provides smaller vendors and merchants (students) with reaching a larger consumer base and offer products and specials, but also provides consumers with more choices, savings and online rewards for their loyalty.

Verxil Inc. firmly believes in building customer and user satisfaction, trust and loyalty.  In addition, the Company values developing deeper levels of trust for both vendors, customers and subscribed members of Verxil Learning by not neglecting the “heart” or “emotional bond” of the organization’s most important assets; the Company’s employees, vendors and customers.


Maintaining a reputable and untarnished reputation in the community


Quality experts and care


Ensuring competitive pricing for our customers in the overall general marketplace


Easy access to end-users, as the services will be available 24 hours a day via the Internet