Verxil, Inc. is an organization incorporated and based in Toronto, Canada. Verxil’s goal is to provide an online marketplace where students & local businesses can create their own free-personalized store to sell any first/second hand product/service.

Not at all! Verxil primary goal is simply to provide an online markets for students & local businesses to sell any product or service to the general public. As a customer, you do not need to be a student in order to purchase products/services.

Absolutely! As a Marketplace, we welcome anyone to create their own personalized store to sell any legal product/service.

As a marketplace, we offer our vendors the option of creating their own free-personalized store to sell any product/service, tangible or intangible, new or used. In addition, Verxil offers a variety of in-house, high-quality, low-cost products to our buyers.

In the case where a buyer wants to meet in person (e.g suppose both sides are in the same geographical region), the buyer can contact the seller via the product or store page using the “contact vendor” button and request a physical exchange of the product.

Verxil is an emerging online retailer that currently operates in North America (Canada & U.S). As Verxil expands, it’s services will be offered world-wide.

Yes! Currently, Verxil utilizes a reward system that allows customers to accumulate points each time they make a purchase, refer a friend or share Students Markets on their social media accounts! 

Becoming a Vendor is simple and quick! In order to start selling, you must first open/register an account and then you can begin selling your products!

Buying products/services couldn’t get any easier! You can purchase products/services via creating a customer account or as a guest. Simply add your desired products/services into your cart and checkout using one of Verxil’s many secured payment methods (PayPal, Stripe, etc)

Anyone can become a licensed seller on Verxil but as the name suggests, it’s a market specifically designed for students hence students licensed sellers will be given priorities and discounts. The goal is to provide a source of income for them while they are still in school. They can either sell their products or provide any services they are good at.

The goal is not to take money away from sellers(students) but instead allow them to make money hence only a small percentage will be charged per item sold, small enough that sellers won’t even notice

Yes! As a vendor, you are required to create a vendor account before you are eligible to sell any product/service.  However, as a buyer, you don’t have to but it’s at your convenience that you create a customer account.

After placing an item, the vendor will receive an order request. Once the order has been processed, the vendor is responsible for shipping the product and providing the buyer with the necessary tracking information.

Each vendor on Verxil has their own unique return policy. Items that are fulfilled by Verxil (Sold by either Verxil Shop or Verxil), have a 30 day return policy. For items sold by other vendors, please refer to the “Warranty Policy” section in the product page for more information. 

Products purchased on Verxil are directly shipped the to buyer. However, customers have the option of reaching out to the vendor if they wish for an alternate method of delivery (e.g meet in-person)

Delivery time can vary greatly depending on the product and vendor. It can take anywhere from 1 to 10 business days or more.

If a customer is unsatisfied with the item either because it is broken or does not look like anything shown on the website, the buyer has every right to get in touch with the vendor and if the issue isn’t solved, we (Verxil) will intervene. Our platform aims to provide a friendly user experience hence we’ll be here to help you with anything.

Your name, address (with postal code), email and phone number

Verxil accepts various payment options. Our customers can pay via PayPal or Stripe; you can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Each vendor on Verxil has their own unique return policy. Many vendors offer returns, while some vendors may have a no-refund policy on their orders. For more information regarding our Refund, Exchange, & Return Policy section to learn!